A Handy Guide to Insurance Offered by Moving Company

Reliable Houston movers can take ample care of your goods and ensure that they reach safely to their destination, during a move. However, there is always the chance of an accident and the possibility of some of your goods getting damaged irreparably while in transit. So how do you ensure that as you start your life in your new home, everything will be hale and hearty? Opt for removals insurance and get your risk covered here from houston movers.

3The functioning of removals insurance

Initially before anything else, you need to decide what you would be shifting to your new place and the amount for which you wish to insure it. It is advisable to insure personal items and household goods as per their probable replacement cost, while you should ensure that artistic works or antiques are insured according to the present market value.

A number of Houston movers offer insurance as an extra service not included within the main package, but it is also possible to get insurance from third parties. On the whole the insurance cost depends upon a number of factors, namely mode of transport, route taken, manner in which the items have been packed, and so on.

Cutting down on the insurance costs

As the fact is, it is not that you have to mandatorily buy insurance from your moving company. You can always shop around for the most competitive deals. Just think again and again which items call for insurance. If you feel that a particular item, if damaged or lost during the transit, is difficult to replace in the place you are moving to, then insuring it is quite reasonable. Also, if an item is not of great use but still has a sentimental value to you, you can consider insuring it as well.



The probability of things getting damaged or lost

Now, this is something that nobody can probably tell with certainty. Even if you hire one of the most experienced Houston movers who have almost no records of stuff getting lost or damaged in the past, it cannot be assured with certainty that your goods and belongings are 100% out of risk. The major risk is not of losing the goods but of the goods being damaged in transit. Fragile items can undergo breakage while if you are carrying mechanical and electrical items, there might be displacement of internal items in turn affecting the functionality. So, when you are looking for the right insurance cover, make sure that maximum eventualities are covered.

Claiming a removals insurance

In order to ensure that the claim process is seamless, you should verify that the insurance company (or the cover provided by the mover for that matter) has a claims procedure that is easily comprehensible and transparent. This should be done prior to the purchase of insurance. When a claim has to be made for loss or damage, you must do it on an urgent basis, since most insurers have a stipulated time frame for making the claim following the arrival of goods at the destination. In case an item is damaged, never dispose it off, since the insurer may solicit inspection of the same.

Simple Tips to Move a Piano without any Injuries

a1If you are moving to a new place and there is a piano that needs to be shifted, the first thing that you should do is to call for professional help from experienced Houston movers. This is all the more important if there are elevators or stairs to cover. Pianos are indeed a valuable asset in any household, and they are quite heavy to carry. There is also the possibility that you may cause injuries to your back, your home, or the piano itself. Here are a few tips to provide you guidance in case you are planning to move the piano on your own.

Solicit help

Well, even if you are not hiring professional Houston movers, do not try to move the piano alone because you might not be completely successful. Remember the shape of a piano is such that most of the weight is concentrated in the top half portion, while the feet and the legs are comparatively fragile. This makes it obvious that you will need one or two people to help you out in moving the piano.

Get hold of the proper equipment

Buy some robust straps because these will help you have a good hold over the piano. A furniture dolly suitable for the piano’s weight is also a good thing to have. The piano can be safely attached to the dolly by means of the straps. You may take the help of a moving agency or supply center on due guidance regarding the proper tools.

You should also see to it that bumps and shocks do not damage the piano. Hence get hold of some blankets or padding, which will also do the job of safeguarding the walls from scrapes and cracks.


picture 207

Offer due protection to the keyboard lid

The keyboard lid must not open while you are moving. Hence, make sure that it is closed and locked properly. In case the locking system for the keyboard lid is not available or does not work, then you must wrap the piano in such a manner that the keyboard lid is always closed during the move. Remember the keys require protection since they are fragile items. Strictly refrain from using tape for closing the lid, because the wooden surface would get damaged.

Wrap and lift the piano

Wrap the piano with padding or blankets, taking special care of the corners. Whether you are lifting the piano on the truck or the furniture dolly, do not lift the legs, because this portion is extremely vulnerable. Moreover, make sure that the piano does not rest on its side; otherwise the inner mechanics will be hampered. The moving straps should be placed at the bottom of the piano, each end containing one strap. While placing the piano on the dolly or truck, one person should hold each end for proper support. The back wall of the truck is the most suitable place to keep the piano.

Once you move in with the piano with or without the assistance of professional Houston movers, the piano requires tuning. You may call an expert tuner for the same.


Things about Moving Companies You Might Not be Aware Of

If moving your house is on the cards, contacting the right Houston movers can make your life hassle-free. Are you currently researching over the web to find out the most suitable removal company? Then there are lot of things to be aware of, some of which you might not know yet. Go through the following information you need to know about moving companies for some ready help.

c1Removal companies differ from one another

Yes, all removal companies are not the same. There are organizations which specialize in international moves while there are some which focus more on local moves in the domestic domain. Selecting the proper company amongst Houston movers depends upon many factors, but generally you should check things like the company’s reputation, recommendations if any, accreditations possessed by the company, whether the pricing is competitive and so on.

Professional providers have trained men

So far as the moving business is concerned, a lot of activities are involved including packing delicate or fragile items, moving heavy objects or properly arranging boxes in the moving truck. This requires the assistance of highly skilled professionals since everyone cannot carry out these tasks. Professional crews will be well-versed with these challenges and will know how to tackle them properly, ensuring the overall safety of your property and belongings.

A home visit by a moving consultant will help you

Once you have roughly shortlisted a few Houston movers, it would be great if you can request an in-home move consultation. Through this method, you can get accurate estimates or quotations depending upon the volume of goods and also clarify any concerns that you might have regarding the moving process. Moreover, through a home consultation, you will also get a clear idea of the manner in which a particular company works. You would be pleased to note that most of the move consultations offered by companies are no obligation services that come without any charge.

c2All removals quotes may not be identical

Although all companies offer their price quote depending upon the volume of goods, the distance to be travelled and other common parameters, the rates might differ from one another slightly.  It is your job to check whether a company is offering you any kind of extra service such as special wrapping solutions, assistance for reassembling as well as dismantling, inclusion of parking charges and the like. Before choosing a particular mover, ensure that all quotations are easily understandable and you know exactly what is included in the charges.

Mover insurance is an important option

Although many do not know it, removals insurance is more often than not, an option and the cost of this insurance might be an addition to the general package. However, insurance is always good to go for even if it is additionally charged. Ignoring the insurance option might bring down your moving charges, but you must not take the risk and the liability for damage on your own shoulders. As your mover about the different insurance options available and go for the one most suitable for your move.